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surface finishes

Vibration polishing

also known as vibratory finishing, is most often used to burnish, clean, deburr, color, radius, refine, offer pre-plate or pre-paint finishes of parts and the other various finishing. During the vibration polishing process, metal parts are put into a tumbler with an abrasive media and water. The tumbler then vibrates, forcing the metal parts, abrasive media and water to rub against each other until the metal parts are polished as needed. It is a process used to improve the surface finish of a wide range of metal and non-metallic materials. It is a type of mechanical finishing process that involves placing the parts to be finished in a vibratory tumbler with an abrasive or polishing media, such as ceramic or plastic pellets, and then subjecting them to vibration or oscillation.


Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is a mechanical cleaning process that uses high-speed projection of steel particles to remove oxides and other debris from the surface. Shot blasting is commonly used in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, construction, foundry, railway and many others.



As we know, the die casting products are rough with parting line and overflows problem after manufacturing, so the aluminum polishing services is important to get smooth edges, precise measurements and better surface quality. Polishing services is our major surface treatment which used for enhancing the appearance, preventing contamination, removing oxidization, and increasing the reflectivity.



Our die cast finishing services also include automatic painting that work for both decorative and protective purposes. The painting finishing includes Ceramic coating, Nano-coating, Organosilicon Modified coating, etc.

Painting is usually the last finishing process for die castings. Often, customers will request painting directly from the foundry to optimize production efficiency.

Our die casting finishing services also include automatic painting for decorative and protective purposes. Coating surface treatment includes ceramic coating, nano coating, silicone modified coating, etc.


Powder Coating

Powder coating is a versatile, environmentally friendly finishing. It is an excellent finishing method that provides a combination of aesthetics, durability and sustainability and useful on products that need to stand up to harsh climate conditions or provide years of quality use.



Plating is the process of using electrolysis method to coat a thin layer of metal on the aluminum castings surfaces. The purposes of plating are to improve the conductivity, corrosion resistance, welding property, wear resistance, as well as enhance the appearance of products. Plating of aluminum castings includes chromate plating, nickel plating, silver plating, copper plating etc. Gll casting is able to provide the full range of plating services according to customers’ specifications.



At Gll casting, we are equipped with great diversity of assembly lines configured according to customers’ needs, it helps achieve rational allocation and optimization of resources, thus reduce the production cost and ensure both high productivity and quality.


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