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Furniture parts

Aluminum and zinc die castings are widely used as furniture parts such as hinge, door handle, door knob, arm rest and brackets etc. Compared with demanding industrial products, such die cast furniture parts are quire simple and plain. Most of them don’t have tight tolerance fitting, as saves post machining. However as for decoration purpose, such as die cast furniture parts are always required for surface finish like mirror polishing, electroplating, painting and powder coating etc.

Here is a list of some of the parts that you can manufacture using this process:

  • hinge
  • door handle
  • door knob
  • arm rest
  • brackets
  • tables
  • chairs
  • And More…


  1. Corrosion Resistance:compared with iron or carbon steel furniture parts, aluminum or zinc die cast furniture parts have much better corrosion resistance. Besides, no matter aluminum or zinc die cast furniture parts can be electroplated or coated by other surface treatments, as improve surface corrosion resistance of die cast furniture parts.
  2. Cost-effective:Aluminum hot chamber die casting process or zinc hot chamber die casting process have much larger yield than other casting processes such as sand casting , investment casting or gravity casting. With mass production, the unit price of die cast furniture products can be much cheaper and more competitive than that by other casting process.
  3. Easy surface finish:Aluminum and zinc alloy have shiny nature color, and can be preserved easily with simple surface treatment such as chromating or phosphating. And they can also be further decorated by mirror polishing and fancy plating, such as imitation gold plating, blue titanium plating.
  4. Cheap and light alloy:Mirror polished aluminum and zinc die castings have similar appearance to stainless steel parts, but with lighter weight. On the other hand, for common furniture parts, aluminum or zinc alloy are much preferable because they are cheaper than stainless steel.


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